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Factory Options

The items below are most of the popular factory installed options and dealer/owner added modifications.
Which of the following items originally came from the factory and/or are presently on your car?

Factory Present
Front Spoiler
Tilt steering wheel
Tinted glass
AM radio
AM radio / 8 track
AM/FM stereo radio
Rear fold down seat
Rear Window Defrost
Mach 1 Sports Interior
Intermittent Wipers
Deluxe Seat Belts
Rim Blow Steering Wheel
Rev Limiter
Power Steering
Hubcaps/trim rings
Magnum 500 wheels
Rear Spoiler
Front / Rear Bumper Guards
Space Saver Spare
Rear Spoiler

Assembly Line Variances

*Strange but true. A few build sheets reference these.

For those who have build sheets:

Tire Manufacturer Original

Left Hand Drive (LHD): Date imported into Australia (if known): By whom:

Right Hand Drive (RHD): If RHD, date converted (if known) : By whom:

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