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The Kar Kraft rotation number may appear in yellow or red on a) the right hood hinge, b) hood near the right hood hinge, and/or c) the passenger side upper firewall area. In the process of converting the car to a BOSS 429, Kar Kraft had to remove the hood. Marking the hood, hood hinge and body was the method used to track the parts and ensure the parts were re-assembled to the original car.

1970 Only
1970 Only
(Trim Code)
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Which of the following originally came from the factory and/or are presently on your car?

Factory Present
Front Spoiler
Rear Spoiler
Slats (Louvers)
Hood scoop
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Trunk mounted battery
Engine oil cooler
Transverse exhaust (2 pipes - 1 muffler)
Straight thru dual exhaust
Magnum 500 wheels (Chrome)
Hood tachometer
In dash factory tachometer cluster
Tilt steering wheel
AM radio - Ford
AM/FM stereo radio - Ford
AM/8-track radio - Ford
Other radio
Trunk prop rod

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